2020 February Retreat for ICAL

February 14-19; 6-day retreat at Quaker Center Ben Lomond, CA

The February retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in NVC principles and practices while enriching your relationships with others in the program. And through it all you will be nurturing yourself with exquisite time in nature and eating wonderfully tasty, healthy food. If you are unable to register for the entire Jan.-June ICAL program, consider attending the February retreat onl https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winter-2019-ical-integration-immersion-retreat-tickets-53169709031y. 

Leave behind daily responsibilities and immerse yourself in the flow of presence, empathy and honesty. Awaken each day to what’s alive – engaging your mind, heart, body and spirit in harvesting the wisdom of your own feelings and needs.

Grow skills and glean insights from working with our highly experienced and awesome team of NVC trainers and assistants. We have a rich curriculum of topics, and time-tested practices and experiential exercises from serious to crazy fun.  You’ll have a blend of large and small group processes, individual support, and plenty of alone time; and you’re always in choice for all that is offered.

  • Mindful and experiential practices of 4 Key NVC Distinctions: Observations, Feelings, Needs, Requests; owning our honesty; intro to self-empathy
  • Deep exploration and role plays to bring relevance and authenticity in empathy and honesty
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Resonant Language
  • 9 patterns of: core needs/values and their distortions
  • family patterns and conversations to understand, heal, and connect
  • evenings of play with 4 ears, conflict improvisation, games ++

Extra spaces available in the retreat are offered to interested parties who are not enrolled in the semester long ICAL program. We encourage you to invite friends and family members to join us.

Question? Email Kristin Masters at kristin@nvcsantacruz.org

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