Integration for Compassionate and Authentic Living (ICAL) Program


Starts January 26 – June 16, 2019

Trainers: Kristin Masters, Jean Morrison, and a team of assistants


Join us for this life transforming program to support:

• Your relationships with friends and loved ones
Family healing, understanding & empathy
Navigating conflict
Expressing regrets
Translating judgments and criticisms
A more compassionate and authentic life

• Your relationship with yourself
Freedom from self judgments and criticism
Expressing and hearing “no”
Freedom from old habits
Self-acceptance & gratitude

• Deeper connections within your community
Effecting social change
Building stronger networks of mutual support
Creating and sustaining community

• Fulfillment at work
Power dynamics
Workplace issues and challenges
Supporting co-workers and being supported
Expressing your authentic self at work



This 6-month program is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), an internationally acclaimed process for cultivating understanding, compassion, authenticity, and healing in all relationships.



• A 6 day retreat: February 15-20th at Quaker Center in Ben Lomond

(If there is room available, this retreat is also open to individuals who are not in ICAL,  Please let us know at if you are hoping for this, and we will notify you as soon as we have a bead on the expected cost for different lodging types. )


• Weekend Workshops:
o January 26th (10 am- 5 pm)
o March 23-24 (Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sunday 1pm-5 pm)
o April 13-14 (Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sunday 1pm-5 pm)
o May 11-12 (Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm))
o June 16 (Sunday 10 am-5 pm)

• Monthly Monday Night Practice Groups from 7 pm-9pm to role-play and practice NVC skills:

o Typically, one of the practice groups will include a conference call for those commuting from out of the area.

Your Certified NVC Trainers



Kristin Masters, Jean Morrison

Jean Morrison, MA, has a passion for making play out of learning. She integrates her skills in NVC, whole brain learning, experiential learning, and interactive games and exercises.  With Christine King, she has designed and developed a variety of materials, manuals, and books to make NVC learning accessible and meaningful.

Kristin Masters is committed to creating a world that works for everyone. She has long been a group facilitator and diversity trainer, and loves helping groups find ways to more easily move toward the goals of their good work. She is currently a trainer for the yearly Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice Retreat, and she is a member of Robert Gonzales’ team of trainers supporting his Living Compassion work. Kristin draws on grief work to move us toward an orientation of loving what we have lost.

Your Investment for the full 6-month program:
• Cost for the program is on a sliding scale basis, $2,650-1,550 ($2000 average) usually paid in three installments, plus $615 for accommodations and food for the six-day retreat in February.* Please let us know if you need other financial arrangements.

• We request participants who can joyfully give more to consider contributing toward enabling those with fewer resources to attend.

Registration Process

register here
If you would like to be part of this program, please pay $150 deposit to secure your place by registering at the link above or send your check to: NVCSC; 157 Van Ness Ave. #5, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

(please be sure to include a note of what your payment is for!)

Your deposit will be applied to your full payment. Because our space is limited to 25 we ask that you complete your deposit as soon as possible. We will send each participant a welcome letter containing more information and details.
Cancellation policy: If you cancel prior to the first day of the program, you will receive a refund minus our $50 administrative fee. If you cancel after the program begins, any credit will be used for future workshops or for private sessions with Jean or Kristin.
For information about limited scholarships please contact Kristin for a questionnaire application at

To register to attend only the February Retreat
• We hold a few spots for those who register for the retreat only and we ask you to register to cover lodging, meals and an admin cost. ($775 for shared cabin, $625 camping, $475 commuter). We ask that you contribute to the tuition separately by donation/dana, and this contribution will go directly to the leaders for their teaching. This amount is up to you, taking your needs and ours into consideration. If you need guidance for dana, we suggest you consider $600 ($100 per day.)

register here

• Please email: to send your name phone number, (or call: Mary at: 415.306.3793 to say what accommodations you desire. Please then mail your check to: NVCSC; 157 Van Ness Ave. #5, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. We will then call or email you to confirm your registration.

I was nervous to join ICAL. Boy, did that go away fast! I bonded with wonderful people, learned how to be kind and gentle with myself, developed a way to connect with others peacefully and deeply, and began to show up authentically in the world. I am so thankful that I chose to invest in taking this class. I thought it would just be a way to learn new coping tools, but it’s a whole new way of life, and a much happier one!
Becka Kelley

This program inspirited and supported me so thoroughly, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Christine, Jean, & Kristin were all top-notch facilitators who lifted the experience above every expectation I went in with. I send all my friends this way – Go! : )
Mary Goyer

Every session of ICAL begins with a beautiful quieting. During the quieting we relax and we are encouraged to notice the feelings that are alive in us at that moment. I had never before been asked to “notice what feelings are there for you, in this moment and know that whatever you are feeling right now is exactly right for you.” For me, this is the essence of ICAL. At ICAL we listen to the quiet voice that many of us have been trained to ignore since we were very young. My ICAL group encouraged me to acknowledge this voice as my intelligence and having found this connection to my own heart I am now more able to connect with others and have a greater awareness of the preciousness of each unique human being. This has transformed my relationships with my husband and children. I am so happy that I was part of the ICAL class of 2015!
Lindy Yilmaz

ICAL opened my eyes and heart more deeply to myself. This new inner spaciousness has given me the courage to risk and live more open heartedly.
Julee Bode