Rick Longinotti

Rick Longinotti


My  email is longinotti  at baymoon dot com

I encountered Marshall Rosenberg when a friend invited me to a workshop in 2001. It was good timing. I had trouble relating to a co-worker and difficult interactions with my teenagers. I was ripe to learn something new.

I’m grateful for the changes I’ve experienced in my family relationships and community involvement. NVC has given me a different relationship to myself. Everything else flows from there.

Aviva and I have been together since 1975. So we’ve experienced a range of challenges that couples experience. We have two adult children. I enjoy sharing my experiences while leading workshops for couples, families, and on NVC and social advocacy.

Inspired by NVC, I left my electrical contracting business to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. My private practice focuses on couples, men and relationships, parents and teens, and family reconciliation. In 2004, I co-founded NVC Santa Cruz along with Jean, Christine, and Aviva.

Besides personal relationships, NVC has the potential to transform workplace and organizational communication patterns and habits. I have seen the positive effects of NVC skills at meetings, daily office interactions, patient/doctor relations, manager/team member conflicts, etc.


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