Bar Lowenberg

Bar LowenbergIn Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Cat’s Cradle, the religion of the people of San Lorenzo, called Bokononism, encompasses concepts such as karass – a group of people who, often unknowingly, are working together to do God’s will. The people can be thought of as fingers in a Cat’s Cradle.I’ve enjoyed association with a number of karasses over the years, of which NVC stands out.  A meeting with Christine King in early autumn of 2005 introduced me to the spiritual nature of NVC, followed by attendance at Marshall Rosenberg’s October 2005 visit to Santa Cruz.  Following gestation in the 2006 Nine Month Integration Program (9MIP, led by Jean Morrison and Christine King), and then assisting with the 9MIP the following year, I graduated to the Dedicated Practitioners Program (DPP – Deep Peeps – led by Jean, Christine, Kristin Masters and Desiree Banzhaf) where I got inspired to join the CIA (Compassion In Action) doing “GROK* on Pacific”.  Most Saturdays (beginning July 2008) I’ve set up a table on Pacific Avenue in front of The Gap providing “Free Empathy” to passers-by.  I’ve particularly enjoyed my role as assistant at 2007, 2008, and 2009 NVCSC Summer Funfests (with Kelly Bryson, Christine, Jean, and Kristin).  I also share the honor of serving on the NVCSC Board of Directors and regularly participating in other NVC activities.  Living NVC has given me the gift of deep and treasured connections with family, friends, partners and associates – as a student of NVC I’ve learned to live in the now.

Other curriculum vitae: graduate of Shimer College (1969); employed at local nonprofit Central Coast Energy Services, Inc. (1980 – present); billiard enthusiast; Sacred Circle dancer; aficionado of the non-dual.

* GROK – set of interactive games designed for understanding, listening, communication, and fun! – created by Jean Morrison and Christine King