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*Christine King, MA has been an educator most of her adult life. In college, she was credentialed as a K-12 teacher. With a passion for education and a desire to gather life experience, Christine traveled, studied, lived, and worked overseas. She opened an import cheese shop and juice bar, worked as a college program coordinator and a Waldorf school development director, raised two children and a garden in the countryside all the while pursuing her interests in meditation, exercise, social justice, and personal growth. When Christine found Nonviolent Communication, she decided becoming a NVC certified trainer would be the next step in her personal growth and evolution.

“Discovering NVC was a pivotal point in my life. After learning and practicing the skills, it seemed like my entire worldview fell into place—my lifelong interest in politics and justice, self-transformation, and mindfulness. Nonviolent Communication holds a container for all of my passions providing the insight, intention, and clarity to both make sense of the world and be an agent of change. I have tremendous gratitude for NVC developer Marshall Rosenberg and his gift so generously given.”

“Since graduate school, I have made a career in education—as a teacher, administrator, and perpetual student. I bring openness, curiosity, passion, and the joy of learning to this work. In 2002, I co-founded NVC Santa Cruz with CNVC trainer Jean Morrison and we subsequently developed NVC educational products.  My current projects include: teaching NVC at UC Santa Cruz residence halls; integrating restorative justice practices into local elementary schools; and teaching Transformative Action, Transformative Communication, and Transformative Justice courses at UCSC.”

“For me, NVC is the manifestation of love, pure and simple—love for humanity, the planet and all of its inhabitants. I have a passion for sharing this work and supporting others in their learning process.”