Cost and Scholarships

Your Investment for the 4-month program:
Cost for the program is on a sliding scale basis, $1,350-2700 ($2025 average) usually paid in advance or in three installments. Paying towards or above the top of the scale makes it possible for those with fewer resources to attend and pay at the lower end.

We want this to be affordable for all who want to participate so we encourage you apply for financial aid if you are unable to attend without it. Scholarships will be granted until the fund is empty, so please apply early. We ask you also consider other places you can receive financial support to attend (might be others from work and life who would support your development).

Registration Process

Once you have received confirmation you are in the program, you will be asked to send a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. Your deposit will be applied to your full payment. Because our space is limited to 20 we ask that you complete your application as soon as possible.

Scholarship Application

If you are applying for financial aid, please include your scholarship application information with your ICAL registration application. Please answer the following questions in your scholarship application:

1. Your household monthly income and # of people who are supported on this income.

2.  In the last three years, have you qualified for government assistance? [CalFresh (food stamps), CalWorks, LIHEAP, MediCal, WIC]?

3.  Are you a full-time student?  If so, do you receive financial aid?

4.  Are you a senior citizen on a fixed income?

5.  Do you qualify for disability or unemployment insurance?

6.  Please tell us a bit about your housing.

7.  What else would you like us to know about your finances and your life?

8. What amount are you requesting to supplement the program cost? Know we are limited scholarship availability and will do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

9. Are you up for pursuing other modes of fundraising? (This isn’t a requirement at all, but we love to encourage folks to look for multiple ways to support this investment if at all possible.)

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