Rick Longinotti
About Rick Longinotti

I have been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2007. Since 2006 I’ve led Nonviolent Communication workshops for couples, along with my wife, Aviva. People appreciate that I bring the real challenges that my wife and I have experienced in our many years together.  Read more.

“My partner and I loved the couple’s class with Rick. We were going through a hard time, and knew we needed to learn some more effective communication skills. We got what we had hoped for and have been able to integrate what we learned. We felt safe and relaxed in the group and with Rick. It’s made a huge difference in the quality of our connection. We would highly recommend this class to other couples!

Couples Tuneup

Online practice to keep that loving feeling going

with Rick Longinotti, Marriage & Family Therapist

Second Saturdays, starting June 10th, 9:30-11am

Cost per session: sliding scale $50-$80 per couple;  $25-$40 individual    REGISTER HERE

This small class on Second Saturdays of the month will start with a mini-lesson on the topic below, followed by practice on communication challenges that participants indicate are relevant. Come with or without your partner.

This is a class for people who have already taken my NVC for Couples class or have equivalent experience with NVC.

June 10th:  The Moral Standards Jackal

We’ll figure out how to free our requests from appeals to moral standards like fairness. Instead, we’ll use the language that speaks to our partner’s heart. We’ll also practice what to do if your partner is using moral standards on you.


July 8:  The Hurt Feelings Jackal

How can you tell your partner you feel disappointed, without them responding with guilty feelings?  How do you respond when you think your partner is making you responsible for their feelings?


POSTPONED August 12:  The Entitled Jackal

We live in a culture where people think they should have more power, based on their role. They get to decide, because they are the main breadwinner, the one with primary responsibility for the children, the smarter one, etc.  Relationships work better when we get our expectations out on the table where we can re-negotiate them. Let’s practice doing that compassionately.


Oct 14th:  Natural Giving Instead of Obligation

Our culture teaches us we have an obligation to our partner.  Our sense of obligation kills the joy of giving. It’s like having sex out of a sense of duty. We’ll practice removing obstacles to our natural desire to give to our partner.