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Event Series Event Series: Grief & Gratitude – In These Times

Grief & Gratitude – In These Times

January 23, 2022 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

grief gratitudeWe only GRIEVE what we love. 

Note- late registration is possible, but will require emailing Kristin@nvcsantacruz.org!!!

We are often given the message that we should only get to grieve for a close person that has died and only for a specific time. We don’t really know how to do that by ourselves, alone, without being overwhelmed. Kristin believes we were meant to deal with our grief, our losses of ALL kinds, in community with warmth and resonance. She believes it’s easiest to do that when we pulse between our joys (what we actually FEEL grateful for, not what we OUGHT to be grateful for) and our heartbreaks (what we’ve loved and lost). Both joys and heartbreaks bring us home to ourselves making us more ready for what’s ahead. If this approach appeals, Kristin invites you to consider joining us for a

39 day dive into grief and gratitude to develop practices and skills for embracing what matters to us.

This series runs from 11/25/2020 through 1/3/2021 in twice weekly group sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays from 4:30-6pm.

Live sessions will include both frameworks and experiential practices in the realm of grief and gratitude. The content portions of the sessions will be recorded for those who miss or want to revisit. (So don’t dismay if you have conflicts, there are plenty of ways to gain access to content and community! You get to choose what to come to.)

In addition, Kristin will offer daily inspiration and nurturance through poems, songs and journaling prompts to keep this all alive in you, to support integration of these doorways into our hearts and minds. 

There will be optional free writing sessions and small group empathy gatherings,  plus a private Facebook group to support the generation of ongoing community.  

To register, click here. Info on Zoom links and Facebook private group will be emailed to registrants.

Kristin expects that some folks will register after the start of the program, but late registration after requires emailing Kristin for manual registration. She doesn’t want to miss anyone! 

Note that there is an option for deposit for those of you who wish to explore alternative payment amounts or timelines. For those requests, please email Kristin@nvcsantacruz.org

 To read more…. About social justice lens…. About gift economy lens… About other’s experience with Kristin’s work/ testimonials… 

Is there something else you need to know to know if this is a fit for you? Email Kristin at Kristin@nvcsantacruz.org 

  • How do I recover from the losses, stresses and fears of recent times (pandemic, election, racial injustices)?  
  • How do I find ways to swim in gratitude even when my world/community/family is hurting? 
  • How do I truly hold my loneliness and fears in pandemic times… and at the same time let myself fall fully in love with my little green apple tree and the birdies in my yard?
  • How do I hold the way my heart soars in hearing Kamala Harris speak of science and systemic racism….and at the same time make room for my broken hearted trauma of the past 4 years… to find the strength to step up my game for the work that needs to be done?
  • If these questions feel juicy to you, and if you want to find your own versions, come join Kristin and this community to take us into 2021.


January 23, 2022
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm


kristin masters
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