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Impossible Dreams Resonant Language- Kristin’s Freewrite Series

April 4, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Kristin is offering this rich choicefully creative exploration around the resonant language of impossible dreams using one of the forms she loves the most. It will meet Tuesdays April 4-25th from 9-10:30 pacific time. These will likely not be recorded to allow for free expression of those in attendance, but prompts and echoes will be available to registered students.

Kristin will be holding a space that is filled with choice about how to participate, but also with a lot of clarity about how we hold shared space in order to make room for our full (but contained) expression and our warm, curious listening to receive one another’s shares.


We’ll start with a welcoming and quieting, a gentle guided mediation and inquiry. Then we’ll move into the first short timed freewrite session. Each person is encouraged to write spontaneously on a prompt related to impossible dreams. This writing is done without editing, without regard to punctuation or spelling or even complete sentences. Just write (or type) for the entire time.

Then we’ll shift into a chance to read aloud (another choice), either in the whole group or in small groups (depending on the size of the group), listening for echoes that ring for us as listeners, which we have the opportunity to share in the whole group as a way to notice what is resonant, inspiring or moving. Beyond echoes, we share only “thank you” to each reader.

This cycle will repeat with a second prompt, again with full choice about how to participate. Before our closing, we will reflect on how we feel in our bodies and emotional world, needs met by our time together, and requests of ourselves.

Kristin has been lovingly and carefully holding space for freewrite sessions for many years, and has created spaces and circles that celebrate the safety/bravery that allows authentic wise expression of our lived experience. It is, indeed, a gift to meet one another in these ways.

In order to register for this series, eventbrite tickets


to receive zoom links and class information in advance. If the tickets present a block to being able to choose participating, there is a donation tab available to name your contribution, which I only ask that you consider being affordable and generous, considering your needs and mine.







April 4, 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am