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Holding Our Pre-Election Anxieties (

October 31 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

As official Election Day approaches in this time, this time complicated by so much, by pandemic and injustices and rising up and news that shakes us… this seems like a time to gather for a dose of collective holding of ourselves even with anxieties that might be flaring. Those of us with anxieties know them to be hard to sit with, easy to spin out about into all kinds of other states we don’t hold well.

So, Kristin is thinking that it could be of service to have a structured container to be together with our varied states, to reach together for acknowledgement of how we’re wobbling, and to find our own access to resources in the coming weeks. This won’t be an open place to thrash about, but it does aim for naming what we are thrown by, what we long for in ourselves and in our communities. Kristin has a long history and wide capacity to create and tend to¬† space that values self responsibility, mourning/celebrations, warmth and curiosity rather than blame/attack or unchallenged story. She invites you to come to hold yourself and others gently and firmly.

I am asking that attendees have some grounding in NVC skills and principles, as we will be leaning into those to find our way. If NVC ways are new to you, I ask you to skip this one, as I won’t be teaching here, but instead applying what we know to be sustaining and connecting in challenging times.

To register and receive the zoom link, please click here to sign up by 10pm on 10/30/2020. There are many options on a sliding scale, including by donation to be named by you, all of the way down to nothing.



October 31
9:30 am - 12:00 pm




NVC Santa Cruz

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