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Scarcity & Abundance – An 8 week Inquiry For Life – W/ Kristin Masters

October 3 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Welcome to my latest course, Scarcity & Abundance.  Below you’ll find some information on this course, and I will try to describe to you what you expect.  As with all things inherently experiential, however; there may be leaps and gaps in my description if you haven’t worked with me before.  Know that is to be expected, and I’ll be here to help.  If you’d like more information at any time, you may email me at the address provided below.  

Kristin’s world

If you’ve already taken deep dives with me, then you already know how I work with themes, how I approach holding groups and the individuals in them with care and attunement , how I pace the work I do that pulses between grief and gratitude, between inquiries and harvests. You already have a sense of what you’re stepping into with a huge amount of choice about how to participate. You know how I move between frameworks of NVC, relational neuroscience and resonance work, liberation/identity work and somatic/spatial approaches to find new perspective and insight. You already have a lived experience of how identities (of race, class, LGBTQ+ and more) are named, acknowledged and held. 

At least, I hope that all of this is true.

If so, feel free to scroll to the bottom for details, dates, times and registration/donation frames.

Welcome to those of you new to me!

If you don’t know me yet, I want to welcome you.  I find this work to be transformational in a trustworthy way.  If you choose to join, I’d love the opportunity to get to know you and have you be a part of this new group, one that has never been together in this way before. I’ve known some rich supportive ongoing community to form in these classes. 

An example of the thinking we’ll explore  –

In preparation for this series on scarcity and abundance, I find myself looking through lots of angles and perspectives, seeking rigorous understanding of how scarcity (real and perceived)  impacts my access to my inner resource, my warmth and compassion for self. I notice how much more quickly I go to a demand energy when I am thinking or experiencing that I have a scarcity of love, time, attention, money. It is easier for me to lose spaciousness inside, and that comes out relationally, unconsciously, sometimes with bite.

Oh, boy, do I have a hankering to clean some of this up, to bring myself to conscious awareness. (Do you, too?) 

To that end, when I notice urgency in my actions or in my body, I’ve taken to pausing to take a breath, and asking myself, aloud…

“Hey, sweetie, are you running into a scarcity about something? Can you scan to see if something in you is thinking you don’t have enough of something? Could you notice what is driving this right now, in this moment?”

I’m finding myself catching what needs to be caught in me a little more often, finding a bit of warmth or understanding, and once in a while I question my thoughts, or find a request of myself or other. 

I invite you to find some practice to check your own stories about scarcity. I’m not saying it isn’t painfully real much of the time. And more so for some than others, of course. It is painfully real how our world and systems are set up so that some flourish with more than enough while others don’t have enough for the essentials. Yet I do love that I can still be conscious in choosing how to respond when scarcity thinking surfaces it’s monster-y head from the depths. 

Course themes and frameworks –

I will focus some of the weeks specifically on scarcity and abundance frames around time, love/intimacy, money and health issues. You might have a sense of how deeply these frames are woven into our way of seeing the world and ourselves in it, and how much of it might be invisible to us and others?

This series will draw on principles and frameworks of

  • (NVC) Nonviolent Communication (including frames that consider power/privilege/identity)
  • Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects
  • Sarah Peyton’s work in Relational Neurobiology/Constellations/Resonant Language
  • Somatic/body based practices and invitations, Gestalt Awareness Pratice
  • Kristin’s blending of work on Grief and Gratitude

Prequisite areas of study (a way to see if this is for you!) – 

I am asking that registrants have some experience in one or more of these entry points, and that participants be willing to come back to listening for and through these lenses, to hold the needs of all who come with the utmost care and sensitivity, and to ask for support or be open to coaching as needed. You don’t have to be an expert (none of us are…), so don’t screen yourself out, but write me at kristin@nvcsantacruz.org to share how you come to this if you have questions.

Schedule and timing – 

This 8 week inquiry for a lifetime will have several components: Sundays from 4:30-6pm PDT on 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/6, then to PST for 11/13, 11/20 and Thursdays with an optional freewrite session from 2-3:30 PDT/PST and optional practice session from 4:30-6pm PDT/PST on 10/7, 10/14, 10/21,10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18.

Each Sunday session will be recorded, and portions of Thursday practice sessions will record as well. Recordings will be available within 3 days for registrants, allowing you to access materials even if you don’t attend.

Info about registration & payment – 

Registration for this series is on eventbrite (click here to register by deposit of $80 or $40 for scholarship requests), and further contribution to sustainability for Kristin will be with dana/voluntary contribution in the spirit of gift economy (based on hourly of $10-$30 for on-air time of $450-$1350, less if you attend or participate less, paid over whatever timeline makes sense in your life directly to Kristin via venmo or paypal or snail mail.)  Please, Kristin wants all who sincerely wish to participate to come without barrier, and is happy to engage with you to see what considers both your needs and limitations and hers. After all, this whole inquiry is about dealing with our resources as honestly as we can. Read more below:

Kristin asks “How in the world can I assign a value to this?” Since it is largely optional, and since each person may not know in advance how much of it they may choose to participate in.  The gift economy is a beautiful, trusting thing, and since there is a need for support on my end for living in this world that runs largely on money as as resource, and since so many in our world make decisions about what they might do based on how much is in the bank or pocket, and so many don’t have enough to cover basic needs.

Don’t let the scale scare you off! If this scale doesn’t have an amount that works for you, I invite you to register for the deposit and write me an email to Kristin@nvcsantacruz.org and tell me what you are willing and able to contribute, and what timeline. Plenty of folx take this option, and it is totally ok with me! I will get back to you within 3 days and do the registration update manually.  If you choose to do additional offerings that you want to contribute to, you can donate for those later if you wish. And join me in a collective sigh for the complications of living in a world where money is so often our strategy for getting many needs met, and for the limitations in choice we have as a result.

Okay, if you’ve gotten this far in reading, and still have questions, feel free to write me an email at kristin@nvcsantacruz.org, though I may be slower to respond than usual, as I’m driving the uhaul for my fledgling kid to Seattle. Feel free to nudge if you don’t hear right back. And you can sign up for deposit and I can refund if it isn’t a fit for you.

Warmly, anticipating, Kristin




October 3
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm


NVC Santa Cruz



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