Integration for Compassionate and Authentic Living (ICAL) 2020

We’ll do this again in 2021. Stay tuned.

January – June 2020

The  Nonviolent Communication integration program is designed to help you live a more authentic and compassionate life. This engaging and interactive program supports individual growth, leadership development, personal transformation, and improved relationships.

The focus of the program is to integrate NVC consciousness in a safe and supportive environment, enhance leadership skills, and support participants to be change agents in their communities and the world. Uniquely interactive and experiential, ICAL is structured with a series of themes designed to progressively deepen participant’s NVC skill building and learning experience. This program will build you from the inside out be developing a rich set of inner practices to find resilience and self regulation.

This five month immersion program allows you to practice NVC with highly experienced trainers and to build community with other committed NVC students.


Join us for this life transforming program to support:

Your relationships with friends and loved ones
Family healing, understanding & empathy
Navigating conflict
Living with harmony with those you care about
Translating judgments and criticisms

Your relationship with yourself
Freedom from self judgments and criticism

Expressing and hearing “no”
Self-acceptance & gratitude

Deeper connections within your community
Effecting social change
Building stronger networks of mutual support
Creating and sustaining community

Fulfillment at work
Power dynamics
Workplace issues and challenges
Expressing your authentic self at work

This program is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), an internationally acclaimed process for cultivating understanding, compassion, authenticity, and healing in all relationships.