Kar Fraser, Community Liason

Kar [pronounced "Care"] Fraser

Kar [pronounced “Care”] Fraser

Here at NVC Santa Cruz, I answer general questions by phone (Message machine:  831 425 7672)  or email: info@nvcssantacruz.org, help
put folks in touch with the trainers, assist with events, and work with
the trainers to make decisions for the organization.

I have studied NVC for over a decade, and did the Integration Program (now
known as ICAL) in 2006.  I love the Santa Cruz NVC culture and feel a
sense of home here.

My interests include songs and stories, long walks, an epic journal, and
vegetarian cooking and baking.  Some jobs I have held in the past include
coordinating a college learning center, homeschooling my own children,
managing a senior lunch program, and helping  found the intergenerational
eco-community where I live with my family.  I am active in several local
anti-racist, lgbtq+, and other social justice groups.  And I consider
‘hanging out’ with other people in a relaxed way to be one of the greatest
pleasures of life.

NVC helps me to stay playful and curious as a parent, partner, housemate,
friend, worker, landlord, and neighbor.  It has helped me feel empowered
to speak up when I used to be silent a lot when something was bothering
me, and helps me to forgive myself and others when things go wrong. I
feel honored to be working for an organization that teaches skills that
help people reach for common ground, even in the toughest situations.