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Kristin Masters is committed to creating a world that works for everyone. She has long been a group facilitator and diversity trainer, and loves helping groups find ways to move toward the goals of their good work more easily. She is currently engaged in learning, teaching and sharing compassionate communication, and is a certified NVC trainer through CNVC.

NVC came to Kristin via Jean Morrison early in their friendship and collaboration on the Alternatives to Violence Project at San Quentin Prison. NVC seemed like a smart addition to the conflict resolution work Kristin was already engaged in, and she incorporated it into staff trainings in her long time work as the director of the City’s community center. NVC took on more meaning when it saved her relationship from a harsh stuck place. She happily took on the role of board chair for NVCSantaCruz upon its formation, and never looked back.

Kristin finds great interest in the inner work of NVC, drawing on Robert Gonzales’ Living Compassion work to support greater self responsibility and freedom from the kind of suffering that stems from victim thinking. This kind of awareness of our inner world allows for an empowered approach to partnering, parenting, working and social change.

For nearly twenty years, Kristin has been a leader in diversity issues and believes that we can heal the hurts we’ve suffered in our domination society.  She anticipates great joy in the future of applying NVC to social change and healing. She also utilizes Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects – incorporating empowerment, mourning and action.

“I anticipate contributing to the creation of a safe environment, one in which we choose to share, to heal, to learn from one other and to express what is alive in us as people who live in a world lacking the peace and justice we yearn for. I am a passionate advocate of creativity and justice, and I dream of a time when each person knows they are (watch out, here comes some evaluation words) beautiful, valuable, and that their contributions are important and well received.”

Kristin’s Out-of-Town Engagements:

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