Conscious Relationship Affirmations, with Andrea Wachter and Steve Legallet. Andrea and Steve are local therapists who have participated in many of our NVC classes and offerings. They recorded this affirmation meditation for couples (and anyone!) that supports key principles and practices of NVC


  • YouTube has several videos of Marshall Rosenberg workshops, including this one hour video with many role plays using NVC in various situations.
  • NVC Academy is an online classroom for learning NVC. It has videos and articles and online courses led by NVC trainers from around the world.
  • Community TV of Santa Cruz host, Ann Simonton, interviews local trainer, Rick Longinotti in this half-hour video:Parenting with NVC

Books & Articles

Parent Resources in Spanish & English

Grok, Communication FUNdamentals, Kid’s Grok and more…

Jean Morrison & Christine King have been making NVC products that help us develop our feeling and needs vocabularies for years. For play and exploration, their Grok products support our attention to find what’s alive in us and move though the NVC process with more ease and clarity. Find out more at their website and order online or pick them up in person at our bookstore.