Couples Workshops

“The replayed arguments were touching, funny (in a ‘That’s familiar!’ kind of way) and instructive for me. Really seeing how perennial tensions can move beyond stuck places was inspiring.”  -A.N.

“My partner and I loved the couple’s class with Rick. We were going through a hard time, and knew we needed to learn some more effective communication skills. We got what we had hoped for and have been able to integrate what we learned. We felt safe and relaxed in the group and with Rick. It’s made a huge difference in the quality of our connection. We would highly recommend this class to other couples!

NVC & Social Activism

“It was very powerful to be in a room where people were learning how to compassionately and effectively dialogue about some very polarized issues! This is part of the healing that we gotta cultivate in order to have real sustainability. Thank you!” -T.K.  UC Santa Cruz Education for Sustainable Living Program

Med Students

“Excellent role-play abilities. Rick and Aviva live their technique and bring real life examples. Awesome!”

Incarcerated women

“You have introduced and modeled something so important to all of our growth and independence in relationships with self and others.”




 Rick Longinotti


My current class is Nonviolent Communication for Couples on Zoom. You can check it out here. For those who already have experience with NVC, on Second Saturdays of the months I lead a Couples Tuneup.

If you are looking for individual or couples counseling, contact me at

I encountered Marshall Rosenberg when a friend invited me to a workshop in 2001. It was good timing. I had trouble relating to a co-worker and difficult interactions with my teenagers. I was ripe to learn something new.

I’m grateful for the changes I’ve experienced in my family relationships and community involvement. NVC has given me a different relationship to myself. Everything else flows from there.

Aviva and I have been together since 1975. So we’ve experienced a range of challenges that couples experience. We tend to think that we have more than the average challenges because we have such different temperaments and life experiences 🙂   We have two adult children. The participants in my workshops appreciate me sharing experiences from real life.

Inspired by NVC, I left my electrical contracting business to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. My private practice focuses on couples, men and relationships, parents and teens, and family reconciliation. In 2004, I co-founded NVC Santa Cruz along with Jean Morrison, Christine King, and Aviva.

Besides personal relationships, NVC has the potential to transform workplace and organizational communication patterns and habits. I have seen the positive effects of NVC skills at meetings, daily office interactions, patient/doctor relations, manager/team member conflicts, etc. I also enjoy leading workshops on Politics and the Art of Communication.


Couples syllabus

How Nonviolent Communication Solves Arguments

Self Empathy

partner jackals

Men Shame Anger

A Father-Son Connection

Beyond Moral Outrage

Guidelines for Political Dialogue

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