Sliding Scale Tuition

We want to make NVC trainings accessible to all regardless of financial status.

Nonviolent Communication Santa Cruz is a 501 c3 non-profit. We depend on a fee for service model to support and sustain the mission of our organization. The following sliding scale fee structure is designed to keep our services accessible and is loosely based on a $10 – $20 per hour of instruction for workshops and series. If you are unable to afford the lowest end of the scale, please contact us directly at for a scholarship.

Our Sliding Fee Structure:

Sustainer Level: When you pay at this level, you are not only supporting NVC Santa Cruz, but you are also supporting those who cannot afford to pay at a level that maintains our organization.

Maintainer Level: When you pay at this level you are paying to solely cover the cost associated with the course, workshop or series and maintaining the organization.

Supported Level: When you pay this level, you are contributing towards covering the costs associated with the course, workshop or series.

Please select the level that you feel you are best able to afford. Contact us if you would like a scholarship.