Support NVC in Israel/Palestine

We have learned of wonderful opportunities to support Nonviolent Communication in Israel/Palestine.  After sending our last newsletter reflecting on the war, we were warmed to receive lots of replies from our community longing for peace in the region. This inspired us to reach out to leaders in Israel and Palestine who are doing this work and ask how our community could help.


Amal Hadweh encountered Marshall Rosenberg in 1994 at a training for principals of schools for Palestinian children. For the next several years Amal assisted Marshall at his annual training in Israel/Palestine. We wrote to Amal, asking how to support her work. She wrote back, 

“When i read your message was heart became beating with warmth and love you are the only ones who sent this message that shows caring and concerns for our people in this area…I would also like to add that the Israeli and Palestinian NVC communities are working  together very well even at the times of turbulence among Palestien and Israel. We managed to continue to work together. These days we can’t have any activities together and I mean face to face meetings because it is dangerous and safety and security is our priority.”  

Amal has been leading a group of Palestinian women in the practice of NVC, “These same women need someone to take care of them during this terrible war situation and I have the idea of conducting a two days retreat for this group.” 


Anat, an Israeli woman, and Nadia, a Palestinian woman, have been leading groups of Arab and Jewish people meeting at each others’ homes in the Galilee region. This inspiring video documents their work. Since in the current situation peace activists can be arrested, they are currently conducting gatherings by Zoom. They will be opening their Zoom meeting to women internationally this coming Wednesday 9:30 am Pacific Time. Write back if you would like to attend.

Anat and Nadia are trying to organize two projects:

  • A 2 year training program for Palestinian women to become teachers of NVC.  
  • A project to illustrate feelings and needs cards with paintings from Israeli and Palestinian women.

Their work inspires us!  We will forward in full any monetary contribution you would like to make to these efforts. You can contribute online or with a check to NVC Santa Cruz, 157 Trescony St., Santa Cruz, 95060.



Caren, Jean, Kar, and Rick