I was nervous to join ICAL. Boy, did that go away fast! I bonded with wonderful people, learned how to be kind and gentle with myself, developed a way to connect with others peacefully and deeply, and began to show up authentically in the world. I am so thankful that I chose to invest in taking this class. I thought it would just be a way to learn new coping tools, but it’s a whole new way of life, and a much happier one!
Becka Kelley, Graduate Student, Psychology

This program inspirited and supported me so thoroughly, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Christine, Jean, & Kristin were all top-notch facilitators who lifted the experience above every expectation I went in with. I send all my friends this way – Go! : )
Mary Goyer, Holistic Counselor and Trainer

I’m thrilled with the learning and connection I experienced through this program. The trainers expertly modeled NVC and supported us and I deeply connected with people who I might have thought I had nothing in common.

Earl Wagner, Engineer, Google 

Every session of ICAL begins with a beautiful quieting. During the quieting we relax and we are encouraged to notice the feelings that are alive in us at that moment. I had never before been asked to “notice what feelings are there for you, in this moment and know that whatever you are feeling right now is exactly right for you.” For me, this is the essence of ICAL. At ICAL we listen to the quiet voice that many of us have been trained to ignore since we were very young. My ICAL group encouraged me to acknowledge this voice as my intelligence and having found this connection to my own heart I am now more able to connect with others and have a greater awareness of the preciousness of each unique human being. This has transformed my relationships with my husband and children. I am so happy that I was part of the ICAL class of 2015!
Lindy Yilmaz, Extraordinary Mother

ICAL opened my eyes and heart more deeply to myself. This new inner spaciousness has given me the courage to risk and live more open heartedly.
Julee Bode, Student Support Services

I started this Integration course in a place where I had the notion that for a breakthrough to happen in my life, someone else needed to have a breakthrough too or make a change. What has emerged in the course of this Integration is that places where I felt stuck progressively dissolved, and this happened without requiring other people to be different or make changes. I discovered that a space of wholeness and completion is something I can re-create any time I desire. 

Alain Desouches, Community Activist

This course more than exceeded my expectations. The trainers and assistants were extremely knowledgeable, present, and sincere. I feel a perfect balance was reached between presenting information, sharing personal stories and examples, and giving participants plenty of time to practice the skills presented. I would highly recommend this course to others!

Jerry McMullen,  Children’s Mental Health Counselor

Heart, mind, and body seem to become more integrated by having this experience. The facilitation team is outstanding. You couldn’t ask for a better experience in my opinion.

Lionel Church, Food Revolution Network Programmer

Integration has been one of the most useful ways to make NVC happen in my life. The support of being in a group and sharing the journey is invaluable and life changing. This is genuinely the first time I can say a workshop/practice has been “life changing”. I noticed how at first I only wanted guidance and support from the trainers, and by the end of the program, I could confidently turn to any of the participants in the group for support.

Amy Saggese, MFT 

I have grown leaps and bounds through the Integration Program. My practice has deepened and consciousness has expanded. I am so grateful for the clarity, joy, and peace I’ve been able to develop through the tools and support this program provides.

Caren Camblin, Lecturer, UCSC, and Yoga Instructor

This has been some of the most powerful work I have ever done. It’s refreshing to have found a way to grow that includes joy, fun, and laughter instead of being heavy, intense, and overwhelming. It’s been a true blessing in my life.

Denise Murphy, Wildlife Photographer and Interpreter

The Integration program has amazed me because it’s not just about learning better skills for dealing with others, it’s a deeply healing process that has brought me enormous peace and joy. I’ve learned to give myself empathy and to accept myself. Spending so much time surrounded by a group who love and trust each other has given me the chance to see how much I am like other people, not along and strange, and even to embrace and love aspects of my personality that have caused me pain in the past. Now I have a network of people I can lean on and support and enjoy. What a richness for my life! 

Kate Spencer, Artist, Naturalist, and Whale Watching Boat Captain


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