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Nonviolent Communication for Couples: Create the Love You Both Want

April 11, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

About me: I have been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2007. Since 2006 I’ve led Nonviolent Communication workshops for couples, along with my wife, Aviva. People appreciate that I bring the real challenges that my wife and I have experienced in our many years together. We have two adult children. Read more.

Online couples workshop

with Rick Longinotti, Marriage & Family Therapist

REGISTER HERE for 4 Mondays, starting April 17, 7-8:30pm   Cost per couple: sliding scale $180-$300

Transform criticism, hurt feelings, and defensiveness into deeper closeness and mutual generosity.

Our relationships keep getting caught in the same traps of hurt and defensiveness. Empower yourself to break loose from those habits, starting with the powerful tool of self-empathy. I like how Terry Real puts it, “Loving yourself is the capacity to hold yourself warmly and tenderly in the face of your screw ups and imperfections.”

  • With a deep appreciation of ourselves, we can more easily find understanding for our partner’s screw ups and imperfections.
  • We can make requests of our partner that are free from subtle guilt or blame.
  • We develop the capacity to say “no” with compassion and say “yes” with real affirmation rather than a sense of obligation.

Our kindness towards ourselves spills out towards our partner. The things that used to annoy us loosen their grip on us. We experience a spirit of mutual generosity: giving and receiving for the fun of it.

During this online workshop I will invite you to participate in role plays and exercises. Please feel free to pass if it does not feel comfortable.

Download the Couples syllabus


April 11, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm




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