NVC Zoom Parenting Practice Group: The Circle



















Welcome to The Circle.










This group stemmed from the IRL (in real life) Circles – the Ventura County Nonviolent Communication Parenting Practice Group and the Monterey Bay Nonviolent Communication Parenting Practice Group that began gathering weekly via Zoom during the Covid19 (coronavirus) stay-at-home orders and has now grown to have members across the globe. We are a group of parents committed to practicing nonviolent communication (as developed and outlined by Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life) and other resources that stem from his peaceful communication approach to life – which can be found at http://www.cnvc.org/.















To join us, you need not have studied nvc formally. I ask only that you have a genuine interest in exploring nvc with us, that you commit to learning more by reading Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, and that you then continue to pursue learning (a little or a lot) about nvc through whatever means suit you (conferences – in person and online; books, webinars, YouTube videos of Marshall Rosenberg, the classes and videos at the Center for Nonviolent Communication http://www.cnvc.org/, https://nvcsantacruz.org/, etc.).















Our Zoom Circles are currently held on Tuesdays, 6-8pm –- Pacific Time.  To support the trust, privacy and intimacy needs of members of The Circle, there is a short process for entry to the group (please see below). For any number of reasons, a parent in the group may not participate in The Circle on a given week – not the least of which could be dinner, bedtime, illness, injury or big feelings that may call for a strategy of a family circle at that moment. And our members are not necessarily all parents — they include anyone who works with children (grandchildren, step-children, students, etc.).















If you are interested in joining, please email Michelleleahgomez@gmail.com responses to the following questions. You will then receive the group tenets to share if they work for you or if you have any questions or concerns.





1) What is your experience with nvc? For example, a. “No experience — I have heard about it and the idea resonates with me. I am planning to read Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life;” b. “I’m an nvc certified trainer and my middle name is ‘Marshall;” c. anything in between.





(2) Can you meet via Zoom on Tuesdays, 6-8pm – Pacific Time?





(3) How did you hear about the group?





(4) In what area do you live, and is there anything about your family you wish to share (e.g. – how many parents and/or children)?





(5) May I post your responses on our FB page to introduce you to the closed group after you’ve completed these enrollment questions and agreed to the group tenets?














The universe needs this healing energy of having each other’s support! 





Mrudangi, India





















I’ve even noticed that sometimes  when I’m going through a hard time, I imagine the circle, and I’m able to be kind to myself and hold space for myself. The tools that we talk about in the group have changed my life, and when I think if all that has happened internally and externally since my first time attending Michelle’s NVC circle my tears start to flow with joy and gratitude. 





Danni Huang Gadigan California, USA





You are welcome to email Michelle with questions at michelleleahgomez@gmail.com.