What is NVC?

Sometimes people get the wrong impression from the name, Nonviolent Communication, thinking, “Oh, that must be for violent people”. Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, named the communication tools he was developing after the spirit of nonviolence that inspired Gandhi and Martin Luther King. In Gandhi’s language, the essence of nonviolence, or ahimsa, is the force of love in action. Out of this age-old spirit comes a practice of deep listening to others and to ourselves. Through that practice comes a deeper, more compassionate connection to others, and an ability to more authentically address our own needs.Read more…

Art of Communication:  NVC Santa Cruz

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2004. Thousands of people in the community have taken classes or attended trainings. We offer trainings at a variety of businesses and organizations (see the list of organizations served), offering discounts for organizations that serve our community.

We are funded to a large extent by fees for our classes and trainings. At the same time, we make our classes accessible to all regardless of income. In order to do that we have developed a sliding scale tuition and scholarship structure. (read more) We also accept donations to enable our full-access policy.


Core Team

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Jean Morrison, MA, certified trainer

Kar Fraser, Community Liason

Mary Goyer, M.S.





Other Teachers


Armando Alcaraz, Men’s Group, PAPÁS Father’s Group


Kara Bowman, MFT, certified trainer


Bar Lowenberg, NVC as a Spiritual Practice; Grok (empathy) on Pacific Ave











Michelle Leah Gomez


Board of Directors

Caren Camblin,  President
Rick Longinotti, Vice President, Treasurer

Bar Lowenberg
Kristin Masters
Jean Morrison
Deanna Zachary (photo below)

Lenore Montegna (photo below)

Lenore Montegna
Deanna Zachary
Deanna Zachary